On-Site Lab Testing Services

At Affinity Urgent Care, we offer comprehensive on-site lab testing services, providing you with quick and reliable results. With our state-of-the-art laboratory and skilled technicians , we can perform· a wide range· of tests to aid· in the identification of various· health condition. Examples of lab tests we can perform at our walk-in clinics include blood testing, urine testing, and drug testing.

Blood Testing—Uncovering Vital Insights into Your Health

Blood tests are a valuable tool for assessing overall health and detecting potential issues, such as infections, organ function, and more. Thanks to our on-site lab , we can provide· accurate· results that help· inform· effective· treatment· plans, which may include referring our patients to a specialist.

Urine Testing—Providing Valuable Diagnostic Information

Urine testing is another essential component of our on-site lab testing services. By analyzing urine samples, we can detect urinary tract infections, and screen for other health conditions. Our laboratory technicians follow strict protocols to ensure the accuracy and reliability of urine test results, providing valuable information to guide your healthcare journey.

Drug Testing—Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Affinity Urgent Care offers drug testing services for various purposes, including pre-employment screenings, workplace safety compliance, identifying drug metabolites, and personal health monitoring. Whether you require drug testing for legal requirements or personal reasons, our on-site lab testing services provide a convenient and reliable solution.

Trust Affinity Urgent Care for Your Lab Testing Needs

By offering on-site lab testing services, we prioritize convenience and efficiency in your healthcare journey. Instead of having to visit multiple facilities for testing, you can receive comprehensive care all under one roof, allowing you to move forward with your diagnosis and treatment plan without unnecessary delays.

Receive swift and quality medical treatment by visiting Affinity Urgent Care today. We accept walk-in visits at our urgent care centers in La Marque, Alvin, and Galveston, Texas, with no appointment required.

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