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Accidents are inevitable, but paying costly emergency room bills doesn’t have to be when injuries strike. Affinity Urgent Care near Hitchcock, Texas, offers affordable and convenient tr

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eatment for non-life-threatening injuries every day during extended hours. Our urgent care practice provides stitches and other important types of wound care to pediatric and adult patients on a walk-in basis.

When Are Stitches Necessary?

It’s a good idea to visit a reputable medical care provider like Affinity Urgent Care for stitches, bandaging, or another form of treatment if you have a wound that:

  • Is from an animal or human bite
  • Contains pieces of debris, such as dirt or glass
  • Is wide or gaping
  • Is deeper or wider than around half an inch

Some injuries should be treated in a hospital setting. Be sure to call 911 or go to the nearest ER if you or someone around you has a wound that:

  • Exposes bone, muscle, or fat
  • Bleeds uncontrollably or spurts blood
  • Is located on the scalp, eye, or directly over a joint
  • Causes loss of consciousness or trouble breathing

We Can Help

Affinity Urgent Care is a smart choice for stitches and so much more. We offer a complete spectrum of urgent care services—from illness treatment to wound care, digital X-ray imaging, and flu testing—and provide some of the most sensible rates in the Hitchcock area. Come see us at our Galveston location today! To learn more about our services, practitioners, payment options, or accepted insurances, call our friendly professionals at (281) 886-8964.

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Read Reviews From Our Happy and Healthy Patients

Take a moment to review testimonials from patients who have experienced our compassionate care, then visit one of our walk-in clinics to receive the treatment or service you need.
"We have a special needs daughter who needed her foot looked at. Thankful that Affinity accepted her Medicaid first of all. Staff was nice, did not have a long wait, doctor was knowledgeable and understanding with our daughter, which means a lot. She was able to get x-rays done on her foot and received the results before we left. A great place to go on short notice."
"Facility was very clean. Very short wait. The doctor and x-ray tech were great!!"
"Fast and friendly. Was in and out in about an hour, and the PA and nurses were great. Much better experience than the ER."
"The Affinity care clinic in Galveston was wonderful. I walked in Memorial Day (without an appointment) and was seen by a very courteous and helpful staff. I highly recommend them."
"My experience at this urgent care facility was a pleasant one. I brought my daughter in due to an allergic reaction. The staff members there were awesome!"